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The Premier Community of B2B Thought Leaders

B2B Companies are at an inflection point: Rely on outdated and tired traditional marketing tactics; or unlock the power of community engagement to drive their organizations forward. 


The MarketScale Guide Community are the experts helping bring MarketScale’s capabilities to more companies. When a company has the ability to create community generated content at cost, and at scale, they create a deeper connection with their business communities, drive engagement, and unlock the voices of their experts. 


More than simply a referral program, the MarketScale Guide Community will provide you a platform to elevate your personal brand as a thought leader by creating captivating, high-quality though leadership content. As a MarketScale Guide, MarketScale will enable – and cover the costs - of this content creation. From podcasts series, short form social videos, and live broadcasts, MarketScale will enable you with this media technology. 


Oh... and of course you have a chance to make commission on any MarketScale introduction you make! We want to be the platform that elevates your thought leadership. MarketScale is the destination for the best of the best in B2B who are driving change, innovating and leading in their industries.

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MarketScale guides are industry leaders

Meet the Team

Guides enjoy best-in-class tools provided by MarketScale. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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