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Our Community starts with expert Guides educating, inspiring and leading. Networking, connecting, referring, and solving: The MarketScale Guide Community solves big marketing and media challenges for some of the world's leading brands. Whether you are a marketing expert, or a lifelong business development executive, the Guide Community welcomes you. 

The Premier Community of B2B Thought Leaders

The MarketScale Guides Community was born out of a massive demand for influencers and experts in B2B to become creators, just like in B2C – and the results are clear. Experts who create, who podcast, who post to LinkedIn and who lead their industry are seeing career and business growth faster than their peers who are not Creators. As a MarketScale Guide, MarketScale will enable – and cover the costs of this content creation. We want to be the platform that elevates your thought leadership. MarketScale is the destination for the best of the best in B2B who are driving change, innovating and leading in their industries.

MarketScale guides are industry leaders


Guides enjoy best-in-class tools provided by MarketScale. 

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