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  • Can I work as a Creator while having a W-2 full time job?
    Typically, we do not recommend joining the Creator Community if you have a full time job. Additionally, we choose not to work with candidates seeking to add Creator Community gigs to their regular workday, which contradicts their availability for their W-2 (full time) primary employer. However, for some of our project-driven opportunities, such as video editing, we understand how you might wish to add jobs after work, as additional income, and will consider such candidates on a case by case scenario.
  • What is the MarketScale Creator Community?
    In addition to being a company with a full time team of media producers and content creators at its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, MarketScale established a scalable Creator Community full of talented professionals around the world who are paid by MarketScale to deliver creative works. The Creator Community is a contractor or even a freelancer relationship, and is known for its flexibility. Members of the Creator Community can work as little or as much as they want, with new opportunities both big and small, each and every day.
  • How do Creators get notified of projects and opportunities?
    The MarketScale Creator job portal, found here. Creators can check it daily, and sign up for alerts. Some projects require bidding. Additionally, for some types of work, like video editing, Community Leaders may directly request and assign work based on your availability.
  • What is Form 1099-NEC?
    Nonemployee compensation 1099-NEC
  • What is MarketScale?
    MarketScale is a Dallas based company that specializes in helping business-to-business (B2B) companies engage their communities through media content. Some of the biggest companies in the world hire MarketScale to help them grow. Through content creation, media, and user generated content technology, MarketScale (and the Creator Community) increased customer and community engagement that helps companies improve sales, service, education and culture.
  • How do Creators collaborate with the MarketScale team?
    Creators enjoy access to many of the MarketScale collaboration tools and software used at the headquarters, such as Asana and Microsoft Teams. With this, Creators can expect seamless communications, and clear, concise directions on design, direction, edits and more.
  • Are you eligible for the Creator Community if you live outside of the United States?
    Yes! MarketScale works with Creators all around the world.
  • How do you sign up for the MarketScale Creator Community?
    If you are interested in joining, use the Contact Us form to reach out today. A member of our team will contact you to review your application, your portfolio and interview you. If both parties decide Community membership is a good fit, we have a simple, turnkey process with all the contracts, documents, and payroll process we need to build a strong partnership, with efficient and predictable payment.
  • How often does MarketScale pay Creators?
    MarketScale pays Creators for work completed that week, each week, on Friday or Monday. Creators can count on payment for completed work each week. If there is a dispute, a concern, or an error, our team is responsive and available to remedy.
  • What kind of skills are needed in the MarketScale Creator Community?
    The MarketScale Creator Community covers virtually the entire spectrum of media and marketing creation, and then some. Currently, the following skills are in high demand: -Video production -Video editing -3D design and animation -Podcast hosting -Content writing -Graphic design -Marketing strategy and account management -Business development
  • How are Creators paid?
    Direct deposit. In terms of payment formats, for our content creators, those completing a deliverable, we most often pay hourly, with your hourly rate set by you upon signing up. For our Guides, who are conducting Business Development, they enjoy referral fees.
  • What is the commitment as a member of the Guide Community?
    As a member of the Guide Community, there are no strict commitments regarding the number of introductions you have to make. Your participation level is flexible and can align with your schedule and availability. To foster success as a new member within the Guide Community, we require targeting three introductions during the onboarding process. You won't be alone in this journey - your dedicated MarketScale business development team member will be with you every step of the way, assisting and guiding you in making these initial introductions. This collaboration not only helps you familiarize yourself with the process, but also starts to build momentum for potential partnerships. Every introduction can be an opportunity for growth and mutual success, both for MarketScale and for you as a valuable member of our Guide Community.
  • What other benefits are their to the Guide Community?
    Aside from the rewarding commission structure, being a part of the MarketScale Guide Community brings many other benefits. As a Guide, you get to join a network of B2B thought leaders and professionals from various industries. This gives you the opportunity to expand your network, share insights, and learn from the expertise of others. Additionally, you gain access to MarketScale's resources to enhance your personal brand. This includes the possibility of launching your own podcast series, contributing to thought leadership discussions, and amplifying your voice within the B2B space. As the premier network of executives and thought leaders in B2B, MarketScale provides all members of our Guide Community complimentary access to EXEC, an exclusive travel and lifestyle discount platform. As a member of EXEC, you unlock access, heightened levels of hospitality, and negotiated pricing through an exclusive collection of hundreds of benefits. Ultimately, being a part of the Guide Community is about more than the financial reward. It's about joining a vibrant, engaged community that is shaping the future of B2B.
  • What does the MarketScale Guides Community cost to join?
    The MarketScale Guides Program is free to join. There are no upfront costs or fees for becoming a member. The aim of the program is to foster collaboration and mutual growth within the B2B industry. As a Guide, you'll have opportunities to enhance your professional network, boost your personal brand, and potentially benefit from our rewards program through referrals and contributions. The value of the program comes from the shared knowledge, connections, and collaborations you help create.
  • You mentioned elevating my personal and professional brand, how?
    As part of the MarketScale Guide Community, we believe in the power of your unique voice and expertise. We provide the platform and tools for you to enhance your personal and professional brand through amplified thought leadership. MarketScale Studio, our proprietary media creation platform, is at your disposal. This enables you to create meaningful content that resonates with your audience, from launching your own thought leadership podcast series to engaging in insightful discussions that spotlight your knowledge and skills. With MarketScale, you're not just a Guide, you're a recognized thought leader shaping the conversation in your field. Be sure to check out some of the great content produced by our MarketScale Guide Community here: MarketScale Guide Community created content.
  • What is the Guide Community commission structure?
    At MarketScale, we truly value the connections our Guides help us build. We back that appreciation with a rewarding commission structure for facilitating successful partnerships. When a Guide connects us with partners that lead to a signed agreement, you'll receive a 20% commission on the first paid invoice from the new partnership. Additionally, you will receive commission on any further invoices paid by the new partner within the first 12 months of the lifetime of the contract. MarketScale's contracts are structured on a quarterly basis. New clients can sign on for as little as one quarter, or as long as four quarter, year-long agreement. The average deal size of a MarketScale partnership is approximately $86,000.
  • How are introductions made to potential MarketScale partners by the Guide Community?
    Members of the Guide Community makes introductions to potential partners primarily through email. From the moment you make an introduction, a dedicated MarketScale business development team member will take the reins, managing the entire sales cycle. This assigned team member also acts as your point of contact. You can lean on them to discuss the strategic aspects of the introduction and share relevant background information. This collaborative approach ensures the potential partner receives a seamless experience and maximizes the potential of every connection you create. We're here to support you as you contribute to MarketScale's growth and your own professional development.
  • What is MarketScale's area of expertise?
    MarketScale's platform allows companies to unlock the voices of their experts and create community generated content at scale and at an incredible value. We enable this by allowing organizations to generate Community-Generated-Content at scale, with speed, and an unbelievable value. We work closely with B2B businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, from technology to healthcare and education to hospitality, helping them create, manage, and distribute engaging and insightful content. With your guidance and industry expertise, brands can stop wasting money on advertising, start saving money on events, and get more out of their sales, marketing and hiring efforts by creating their owned media. Content such as: Podcasting Live Broadcasts Virtual Events Online Learning Video Soundbites Onsite Video Data & Analytics 3D Design & Augmented Reality
  • You mentioned "Community Generated Content", what is that?
    Community Generated Content (CGC) refers to any type of content that is created by a community of individuals, rather than by a single organization. This content can include everything from user-generated reviews and testimonials, to expert opinions and thought leadership pieces. Community generated content is important because it allows businesses to build stronger connections with their audience, by leveraging the collective expertise, opinions, and experiences of their community. By tapping into the power of community-generated content, businesses can drive engagement, build trust, and create a more authentic and engaging brand experience for their customers. MarketScale allows for B2B companies to generate CGC at greater scale and cost through their platform's technology; giving organizations more chances to enable this content than ever before.
  • What are some examples of commission payments that Guide Community members have received?
    At MarketScale, we believe in rewarding our Guides for their invaluable contributions. As a Guide, the commission you receive is a reflection of the successful partnerships you help forge. While the exact commission can vary depending on the specifics of the partnership, in 2023 our Guides have received commissions ranging from $1,500 to as high as $42,000. On average, a Guide's commission payment from facilitated partnerships has been approximately $11,000. It's a testament to the strength of our network and the significant role our Guides play in MarketScale's growth and success.
  • How do you facilitate commission payments?
    At MarketScale, we've streamlined our payment process to ensure our Guides receive their due compensation efficiently and securely. Immediately upon onboarding, we send out the necessary forms to set up direct deposit payments. This facilitates a seamless transaction process for every successful referral that leads to a signed MarketScale Partnership. As for the payment timeline, it's straightforward. If a client makes a payment, you receive your direct deposit on either the 15th or the 30th day of the following month. So, for example, if a client payment comes in on January 1st, you can expect your compensation to be directly deposited on January 15th. This clear, predictable process ensures that you're promptly rewarded for your valuable contributions to the Guide Community.
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