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Join the MarketScale Creator Community, where we dream in B2B.

Become a MarketScale Editor.

The MarketScale Creator Community is a 500+ strong community of creators who produce video content, manage creative production, an deliver marketing strategy for some of the best companies in the world, many of which you’ve heard of, such as Intel, or Samsung. It’s hard to put in the incredible talent of the Creator Community into words, which is why we hope you’ll watch this video.

If you are looking for a flexible, remote opportunity to work a few hours a week with top brands in B2B marketing, and collaborate seamlessly with MarketScale HQ, this is the opportunity for you.

Check out the Creator Community Media Page

If you would like to explore this further, please send a file copy of your resume for our team to review.

Flexible Schedule

Work asynchronously, with minimal scheduling commitments. 


Manage your time. Plan each week. And an hour worked is an hour paid.


Our Community gives you the best in remote marketing technology. Be empowered to work remotely. 

Complete a Test Edit to Join:

  1. Download this folder for all the footage, project file, and assets you'll need to complete the edit. If you need help with access to this folder please email

  2. Watch the full length video we produced from this footage to get an idea of the quality we’re looking for. You’ll be producing a 30-45 second video as a social teaser for the full length video.

  3. Hear from the Creative Producer for additional insight into the project.

  4. Open up the pre-edited project file in Premiere and relink the media.

  5. Edit away! Be sure to track your time spent on the project. The end video should be no longer than 45 seconds.

  6. You can use an audio sources that you wish. This edit is for application purposes only, this will only be viewed by the MarketScale Team.

  7. When you're done, upload your finished video and project file to a cloud service.

  8. Fill out the contact field below.

  9. Paste a link to your test edit in the contact field and click submit.


If you have any questions, email


"Since day one, MarketScale has been a place for me to feel comfortable being myself, expressing my ideas, innovating, and presenting my vision to impact the business. Through design and creativity, I can influence what we do as a company and where we are going in the future."

- Raul Reyeszumeta, Creative Director


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